We are 8 weeks old, Casper and Cliff are still available.



6 weeks and the first visit our vet for the vaccination.


3. 10. 2021

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4 weeks - Casper and CLIFF are available




CASPER and CLIFF, two whiteorange boys looking for their new lovely family!



12. 9. 2021

We are 2 weeks old and we have open eyes. 2 whiteorange boys are still available.


6. 9. 2021

One week old and the first meeting with grandma Beretta.


1. 9. 2021

Here we are !

Bianca from Plum the Alley & Clementino dei Ruderi Montforte

Kennel of Italian spinons FROM PLUM THE ALLEY presents the 3rd litter of spinone italiano born on 30.8.2021. 1 white-orange girl and 4 boys were born. Today we have 3 days, we are growing very fast and my mother really cares about us. We accept the reservations for the puppies.



11. 8. 2021

I would like to introduce you the pedigree of our next litter expected in August/September this year.



3. 3. 2021

Bianca - brood bitch ♥



Last weekend we took part in the National dogs show in Brno, which was moved from spring due to Covid situation. Bianca - Ex1, CAC, National winner!





Bars took part in the Special club dogs show, where he became the winner. Bars - Ex1, CAC, BOB, BIS. The judge - František Šimek. Congratulation!




Happy birthday litter B ! ♥ (Belle, Bimber, Bianca, Brisca, Bria, Brixie, Baxa, Bars, Barney, Brick, Brix, Bax)


Bianca have already got the results of HD - HD A - no signs of Hip Dysplasia.





Beautiful third birthday - litter A ♥



Iam really happy with today’s letter, Bianca became Czech junior champion. ❤️




DUOCACIB Brno 2019 - Bianca from Plum the Alley - Ex.1 , CAJC




I  am proud of her! Brixie has just one year old, but she is already really mantrailing dog.





Bianca celebrated her 1st Birthday at her 1st exhibition with 1st BOJ, BOS results.

(National Dog Show in Brno)




Our second litter celebrate one year old, Belle- Wilma and her birthday party! Happy birthday!

♥Belle, Bimber, Brixie, Bianca, Bria, Baxa, Brisca, Bax, Brick, Brix, Barney, Bars♥




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